Vale Productions encourages and supports writers and other creative talents who aspire to engage in the entertainment industries. In brief, we promote projects from conception to the all-important introductions to key decision makers. The projects that we undertake include published fiction, film, television and theatre scripts, as well as other entertainment concepts.

About Us:

Vale Productions was founded and is driven by Jill James, who also co-founded the highly successful Training And Performance Showcase (TAPS). Our company thus embodies Jill’s passionate, lifelong commitment to the encouragement and promotion of the new creative talents that are the lifeblood of the industry.

Our Services:

  • Content review and appraisal
  • Project development
  • Marketing strategy and collateral
  • Publicity
  • Pitching to key industry executives
  • Agency representation

Please note: Vale Productions is not currently accepting any unsolicited scripts.


“Jill and I have been friends for many years. Now that my writing aspirations have changed from technical to fiction, I knew that Jill and Vale Productions would be the perfect partners.”


“Me and Jill have been working together for the last few years and I was delighted to work with Vale Productions on ‘Dying Light’. Jill brings a wealth of experience and a network as wide as the industry itself! I look forward to more projects with Vale Productions.”